• Image of THE CONDOS - 'S/T' CS
  • Image of THE CONDOS - 'S/T' CS

Shipping Aug 16th -
Originally recorded in 2019 and released digitally shortly afterwards, Nopatience Records is excited to present in physical form, the 6 track debut from Adelaide's THE CONDOS

Dark and melodic, THE CONDOS draw on several key influences in their sound. There's an understated tension to the tracks here that brings to mind contemporary groups such as LOW LIFE or DIAT, but with the synth lines of a 1980s Italian disco, and the somber tones of some of the finest in British post punk. THE SISTERS OF MERCY and JOY DIVISION would be good starting points.

It's interesting to hear music like this being made by people who have so clearly grown up listening to heavier and more aggressive sounds. When it works, the result is a rawness and bite that leaves an identifiable fingerprint across a groups output. For me, this is what I hear in THE CONDOS, and this is what I like about it. It's an intangible element that rings true and contributes in no small part to the impact of this EP.

Play loud. Highly recommended!


6 track cassette limited to 200 copies.
Recorded live at Interim Studios by Colby Robertson, mixed and mastered by King Collins. J-card design and layout by Kiki Thanou.