• Image of SPITE HOUSE - 'Perfect Visions' EP


Originally recorded back in 2013, this record has been a LONG time coming.
From Melbourne, featuring members of TEARGAS, BARYSHNIKOV, THE DIAMOND SEA and more.... this is a band that may have escaped your attention, playing only sporadically over the last couple of years.
Their follow up to their 2013 demo cassette, this EP delivers 4 tracks of fast paced and aggressive post punk. Melodic yet still dark. Great vocal delivery without relying on effects to give it strength. Considerably more 'punk' sounding than their demo, yet still with enough experimentation in arrangement to make this really stand out from the pack.
Again, this is a band that you may not have heard of, or never had a chance to listen to.... but this record is one of the stronger dark post punk releases to come out of Australia in the last couple of years.