CHROMA DREAMS: A Snapshot of Sounds in Grid City 2013-2016

A song of praise to those making music in the small cities, the backwaters, and the forgotten corners. Documenting performances occurring in Adelaide, Australia during a period of particular note. Experimental, pop, punk and post punk. Featuring performances by: BITCH PREFECT, THETA, MEN WITH CHIPS, KASH KONVERTERS, EFFICIENCY, RULE OF THIRDS, SIMFUCKERS, SULPHUR, OLD MATE, BODY HORROR, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, HYDROMEDUSA, and featuring unreleased recorded tracks from YOUNG PROFESSIONALS and BODY HORROR.

Filmed, edited and produced by Ratboy to be screened alongside the CHROMA DREAMS exhibition of archival footage held at Format systems gallery in Adelaide in March.

Pack comes with a VHS copy of the film, DVD version, and 20 page zine featuring written responses to the film, accompanying exhibition, and time period written by those who found themselves in the thick of it all.